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Why Learn Chinese?

Why learn Chinese? This is a question that many people have started to ask themselves in recent years, and the reasons are becoming more and more obvious.

Below are some reasons why Chinese Mandarin is becoming increasingly important these days:

1. It is the most widely spoken language on Earth.

2. China is becoming a major player in the world's economy and it is predicted that in some years it will become the world's biggest economy surpassing the U.S.

3. Mastering Mandarin will enhance your CV/resume for future employers. Being able to speak Chinese in a working environment will certainly give you a competitive edge.

4. Having acquired basic Mandarin skills becomes very useful when traveling around China as most Chinese people are not able to speak English or other languages.

5. Knowing Mandarin is a gateway to immerse yourself into one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the World and to be able to appreciate its vast cultural heritage.

6. Being able to interact with Chinese locals is a great opportunity to discover a new culture, different values and lifestyles. This of course is true with all languages around the world, but China's recent history and the change it's people have seen is unique. Speaking to elderly people who remember pre-communist days, the Japanese invasion, the fall of Jiang Jie Shi (Chiang Kai-shek) and the rise of a new communist era with Mao Ze Dong and all the events that followed is a unique experience. People who have seen the consequences of The Great Leap Forward , middle aged men and women who were sent to the countryside to work for years during the Cultural Revolution when in their teens and even those born in the early 80s under the One Child Policy have all seen tremendous change and growth will be able to tell you first hand all they have witnessed.

7. Business wise, knowledge in Chinese is very helpful when doing business in China and helps build better relations with Chinese partners.

8. Learning a foreign language like Chinese which is completely different to one's own mother tongue, speaking it and reading its characters is simply rewarding and gratifying.


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